Eyelash lamination set Beauty Wave

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Eyelash lamination set Beauty Wave

The Beauty Wave eyelash lamination set is not only a luxurious result, but also a real life-giving elixir for lashes. Contains the best natural ingredients for maximum care: silk extract, keratin, wheat protein, plant calcium and other equally beneficial elements.

In addition, the kit consists of 15 ml tubes, which is an absolute record on the market and guarantees truly economical use.

The procedure takes about 30 minutes (depending on the thickness of the client's lashes).

The set includes:

8 ml fixing flower for eyelashes and curlers.

Emollient cream (1 composition) 15 ml.

Fixing cream (composition No. 2) 15 ml.

NATURAL ESSENCE nourishing lotion 15 ml

Essences keratin KERATIN VITAMIN 15 ml

Set with silicone eyelash curler 5 pores, XS, S, M, L, XL.

Eyelash applicators strawberry-shaped - 4 pcs.

Branded packaging for storing tools.

The fixing flower is used in conjunction with the silicone roll molds to attach them to the eyelid as well as the lashes attached to the silicone molds during the lamination procedure.

The emollient cream (Composition No. 1) gently opens the lashes, lifts them from the roots and creates a beautiful curl.

The firming cream (Composition No. 2) fills the lashes from the inside, adds volume and tightens the fold.

NATURAL ESSENCE Nourishing lotion 15 ml is saturated with useful ingredients.

Essence of keratin KERATIN VITAMIN 15 ml repairs damaged areas, restores moisture and saturates with useful substances, softens, protects against damage.

The set, which contains 5 pairs of silicone molds, XS, S, M, L, XL, is packed in 2 plastic boxes (5 pcs in different sizes). The molds are made of a new generation of elastic hypoallergenic silicone and are suitable for repeated use: they do not damage during the procedure, they are easily disinfected, retain their elasticity and shape.

The strawberry-shaped applicator helps to quickly and accurately spread and attach the lashes to the desired formula. The smooth side distributes the lashes and attaches them firmly to the curlers, as well as removing excess glue. The tooth side locks and combs even very short lashes from root to tip and helps determine the direction of the lashes. The reusable applicator is made of hypoallergenic, flexible plastic, does not break, is perfectly washable and disinfectable.

1. Remove make-up with the cleaning agent "Lip and eye make-up remover (herbal scent)"

2. Carefully separate the lower lashes.

3. Apply Premium Vitamin C Degreaser to the microbrush brush and gently wipe off natural lashes to remove residual cosmetics, dust, protein and grease.

4. Choose the size of the silicone molds according to the length of the client's lashes: the shorter the lashes, the smaller the size of the molds.

5. Attach the curlers with the fixing flower as close as possible to the eyelash growth area.

6. Using an applicator (side with teeth), place the lashes on the mold. The lashes should be parallel to each other and not intersecting. Thanks to the fixing flower, glue the natural lashes to the formula.

7.Apply emollient cream (Composition No. 1) on the lashes, with a thin layer at a distance of 2 mm from the roots and tips. Duration of exposure: 8-10 minutes (depending on the density of natural lashes). After the specified time, remove the remaining composition with a dry cotton swab.

8. After removing the composition no. 1, apply the firming cream (Composition No. 2) in an equal thin layer, 2 mm from the roots and ends of the lashes. Duration of exposure: 8-10 minutes (depending on the density of natural lashes). After the specified time, remove the remaining composition with a dry cotton swab.

9. After removing the composition no. 2, use Natural Essence Nourishing Lotion on your lashes. Apply the lotion to small areas and remove any adhesive and composition residue with a clean micro- or dry cotton swab, separating the lashes from the roller.

10. Gently remove the screwdrivers. To remove the molds easily, use a cotton swab slightly moistened with water: lift the mold in the outer corner of the eye, place the cotton swab under it, and turn it slightly to the inner corner.

11. Wipe off any residue with a cotton swab moistened with water.

12. Lubricate lashes with keratin essence Keratin Vitamin. It is not recommended to wash the lashes within 24 hours.

Shelf life: 6 months after opening

Manufacturer: South Korea HS Chemikal